6 Microrobots Move A Car 18,000 Times Their Weight.

We don’t want to alarm you, but researchers appear to have come a step closer to helping robots one day take over the world. Inspired by insects and lizards, researchers at Stanford University, California have designed a tiny robot capable of shifting weights many times its size, either working solo in in groups. The “microTug” robots use a special adhesive inspired by gecko toes to move objects over 2,000 times their weight. 

Magic Leap Virtual Reality

Imagine what experiences you could create if you had this ability. Imagine how this would completely transform how people interact with both the digital and real-worlds. Imagine you being one of the first to help transform the world forever.

The Worlds First Robotic Kitchen

Moley has created the world's first robotic kitchen. Featuring an advanced, fully functional robot integrated into a beautifully designed, professional kitchen, it cooks with the skill and flair of a master chef. The prototype was premiered to widespread acclaim at Hanover Messe, the international robotics show.

Behold The Future - Animation Breakdown

An animation breakdown for the series 'Behold The Future' created with Blender 3d software.

2014 Promotional Trailer